- Behind The Curtains -

Direction Gregorio Muro , Raúl López

Martos wants to leave his dark past behind, so he undergoes cosmetic surgery to change his face. But his obsessive paranoia keeps him away from his main goal: the getaway.



Donostia / San Sebastián, 1954. Cartoonist, screenwriter and film and TV director. After several years publishing his works mainly in France, he began in the audiovisual industry as a screenwriter of the animated feature film La leyenda del viento del Norte (The Legend of the North Wind) (1992). Since then he has been contributing as a writer for numerous productions and as a director in the film El rey de la granja (King of the Farm) and in the short films Tras los visillos (Behind The Curtain), Perros de presa (Hunting Dogs) and Zeinek gehiago iraun (Who Lasts Longer).


Donostia / San Sebastian, 1971. Videogame graphic designer. He completed his audiovisual learning with cinema and video courses in the Cultural Centre of Larrotxene. Since then, he has worked in many productions as editor and graphic designer and as director in Asämara, Autorretrato and Tras los visillos.