December 28, 2012

Goya Awards


Kimuak might be represented at the Goya Awards gala, which will be held on February 17, since La media pena by Sergio Barrejón [Kimuak 2011] and Voice Over by Martin Rosete [Kimuak 2012] have been shortlisted for the Best Fiction Short award.

The rest of works that will compete for being finalists in this category are Aquel no era yo [Esteban Crespo], Desayuno con diadema [Óscar Bernàcer], La boda [Marina Seresesky], La mujer del hatillo gris [Luis Trapiello], Libre directo [Bernabé Rico], Maquillaje [Álex Montoya], Matador On The Road [Alexis Morante] and Ojos que no ven [Natalia Mateo].

Whichever the final result is, it is worth noting the prolific results these two shorts have achieved; as of today La media pena has received 125 nominations and 28 awards and Voice Over 84 nominations and 42 awards.

On the past edition, celebrated in last February, Kimuak works El premio by León Siminiani and Zeinek gehiago iraun by Gregorio Muro were respectively nominated for Best Fiction Short and Best Animation Short awards.

The four finalists will be announced on February 10.